Hi, my name is Vikky! I’m a Marketing professional who enjoys reviewing beauty and skincare products. I’m also very passionate about Japanese culture, Anime, cars, teas from the east, and technology ✨

I created Yuzuchi Beauty to help educate users on the basics and essentials of skincare. Like many, I discovered my skincare routine much later in life. Who would have guessed that dry skin wasn’t normal? After dabbling with the basics, researching the hell out of skincare and testing products left and right– I decided to share my knowledge with friends and family so they can learn from my own mistakes. This eventually progressed into owning my first website and generating content whenever I am able to find free time.

Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated, which is why I take the effortless route and only utilize essentials that I love into my routine.

I hope that my reviews and tips help you on your journey to clear skin. 😊

And as the saying goes: Always patch test first!